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Parent Education and Learning at Home Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 3000 words

Parent Education and Learning at Home - Essay Example The article Parent Education and Learning at Home discusses the ways and the sources supportive for guardians who feel they need help getting down to their youngsters, particularly when helping them out in getting their work done since most guardians need to help, however don’t realize the correct method to do it. Guardians assume the most significant job in the training of their youngsters, much more than the educator, or the instructor can just educate, however a parent enables a kid to sink it in. For a youngster, just realizing that the guardians are concerned is sufficient to support his assurance and to rouse him to work more enthusiastically. As per an examination, youngsters whose guardians are keen on their investigations, work a few times better than those whose guardians are most certainly not. The most ideal route for a parent to show worry in the child’s instruction is to check out and help the kid get his work done since schoolwork is a fundamental piece o f training done away from the oversight of the educator at home. On the off chance that a parent focuses on the child’s execution, the youngster is probably going to show improvement over he would without. An inquiry that may emerge to psyches of numerous guardians would be that for what reason should they help when they send their kids to great schools, and that in the event that they at last need to do as such, what the educators are for. A basic response to this inquiry is that an instructor can just encourage an understudy yet a parent shapes a child’s mind. Regardless of how less time a youngster goes through with his folks, it is the time he esteems and recollects the most. what's more, the things they do together are incorporated in his brain considerably more profoundly. So if guardians show concern and look into their youngster's instruction, it gives them inspiration and consolation to invest more exertion n squander less energy. It likewise causes them to fe el great and more pulled in towards instruction and recollect what they have read for a more drawn out timeframe. Step by step instructions to help For the guardians who feel befuddled about how and from where to begin and how to get helping their youngsters, this paper may end up being a guide in regards to how to communicate and manage them. Following are a portion of the various advances that can be followed in such manner: Set an ordinary time and spot: Setting a standard time and spot helps finish the assignments at the very latest the cutoff time and makes it an impulse to consider. On the off chance that a kid realizes that he/she at last needs to concentrate during a specific time, he/she is more averse to get occupied because of considerations of staring at the TV, calling up a companion, playing outside or some other movement in such manner during the particular time. Thinking about setting the time, it may totally fluctuate from family to family and youngster to kid. A few youngsters may do well toward the evening after school, while a few kids may sparkle at night or before hitting the hay. The parent ought to choose the time as per the kid's capacities and interests. Most definitely, a fixed report region rouses to contemplate and makes a solid situation. A table in the room or a side of the

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Shell company Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Shell organization - Essay Example The organization was then gone through various working organizations. Preceding the merger both the organizations were attempting to support their business. Their choice to hold hands drove them to get one of the best organization on the planet and all signs appearing in the initial a year of their key choice. The organization was under the administration of Henry Deterding, whose direction and commitment made the two scarcely overseeing organizations into a solid power to deal with, in the oil business. The organization started to make its imprint rapidly around and business began to grow universally. The Marketing organizations fired coming up all through Europe and furthermore in specific pieces of Asia. With the developing interest of oil all around the world, Dutch Shell started investigation and creation in nations like Russia, Venezuela, Mexico, Romania and even in the United States. Along the course of events, the organization has had the option to keep up its serious edge by paying special mind to more up to date advances, elective assets and advance turns of events. They have focused on their center items just as kept their eyes open for any open doors making them one of the most serious organizations in the market. Showcasing is one of the center elements of any associations. The capacity helps an organization characterizes the correct sort of market and permits the organization to distinguish shopper needs and needs and afterward looks for arrangements and thoughts for how to apropos fulfill those necessities. (Bartels, 2002) When Organizations like Shell and different multinationals characterize their showcasing methodology it develops through a progression of stages. This is on the grounds that as the organization begins developing, so does the interest. In the long run the organization embraces a worldwide procedure of advertising. At this stage the organization has just experienced the neighborhood markets sending out and to universal showcasing. This is the sort of advertising Shell is doing as at this stage the organization can utilize its size and scale

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Peek Over Our Shoulders What Panelteers Are Reading in May 2015

Peek Over Our Shoulders What Panelteers Are Reading in May 2015 In this feature at Panels, we take a look at what the Panelteers are reading this month. These are the comics that occupy our pull lists, that fill our Comixology account, and line our graphic novel bookshelves. Included are handy links to buy some of the books in question or at least get more information. Be warned: your pull list is in peril of expanding. Hattie Kennedy Bitch Planet #4  by Kelly Sue DeConnick and Valentine DeLandro: For some reason I hadn’t picked up on this until last week when I read about Jenn’s survey. I picked up issue one for free on Comixology last week and then immediately went back for the subsequent issues. (Digital) The Sculptor by Scott McCloud: Having purchased this the week it came out, it has been sitting  on my shelf gazing at me reproachfully ever since. I’ve made a start now though, and I am looking forward to dipping into this over the next month as my bedtime read. (Print) Unflattening by Nick Sousanis: I am super excited to read this book which is the published version of Sousanis’ PhD thesis (thesis as comic, so so cool!). Unflattening is all about the relationships between text and image and the ways in which we see; the pages I have read so far have only made me more excited about getting my paws on it! (Print) Andi Miller Legends of Red Sonja edited by Gail Simone with contributors including Nancy Collins, Kelly Sue DeConnick, Devin Grayson, et al: I spotted this volume when I was perusing a sale on Red Sonja comics. Having never read any of them, I figured a compendium of respected creators would be a great place to start. (Digital) Capture Creatures #3 by Frank Gibson and Becky Dreistadt: This series has quickly become a favorite, and we’ve been waiting on this issue foreverrrr. I’m happy to say that it was plenty easy to fall back in and pick up where we left off, though a reread is certainly on the horizon. (Digital) Becca Sexton The Ballad of Halo Jones by Alan Moore and Ian Gibson:  My curiosity was piqued by Marcy’s mention of this book in her awesome “The Problem with the Comic that Got Me Into Comics’” post. (Print) Aquaman, vol. 1: The Trench by Geoff Johns and Ivan Reis:  I know there’ve been a million think pieces about how Aquaman is the most underrated hero of our time, butI’m still skeptical. But, some folks whose opinions I trust really want me to read this, so I’m giving it a shot. The Pulse by Brian Michael Bendis, Mark Bagley, and Scott Hanna: I figure I should start brushing up on my Jessica Jones knowledge now before she hits the small screen later this year. Swapna Krishna Avengers by Jonathan Hickman and Mike Deodato New Avengers by Jonathan Hickman and Kev Walker Yes, I’m going there. I read Secret Wars #1 and for some reason felt that I needed to go back and read these runs. I’m currently drowning in Hickman. If you don’t hear from me soon, send help. Or just vodka. Jon Erik Christianson This One Summer by Jillian Tamaki and Mariko Tamaki: I’ve heard so many wonderful things about this story that I simply had to run out and buy it. Too bad Barnes Noble incorrectly shelved it in the manga section. (Print) A Distant Soil by Colleen Doran: I was researching about queer comics at Image and was recommended this one! I’m excited to dive further into queer comics history. (Print) Michael Chasin The Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes by Kurt Busiek, George Pérez, Roger Stern, John Francis Moore, Jerry Ordway, and Carlos Pacheco: A colossal collection of the first half of Busiek’s legendary late 90s Avengers run, including the epic 12-part “Avengers Forever” and the super iconic “Ultron Unlimited,” perfect reading to accompany the movie. (Print) Nimona by Noelle Stevenson: Starts out fun and earns some surprising emotional depth by the end. It’s a really cool, sometimes wicked little book that opens with one of the best dedications I’ve ever seen. (Print) Thanos by Jim Starlin, Al Milgrom, Keith Giffen, and Ron Lim: I’m starting a deep dive into the gigantic, Marvel Cosmic saga from 2004-2011 that directly inspired the Guardians of the Galaxy movie. Step one is a series about that purple guy who shows up while people are throwing away their popcorn. It handles the villain protagonist thing pretty well, and there’s some great Galactus material in here. Galactus rocks. (Digital) Bri Rudd Exquisite Corpse by Pénélope Bagieu, translation by Alexis Siegel: This was a total impulse buy, but the story revolves around a girl moving in with an author who’s faked his own death, so I’m pretty into the concept. (Print) Bandette Vol. 2: Stealers Keepers by Paul Tobin and Colleen Coover: Bandette is such a fun character she’s kinetic and lively, but not someone to mess with. Plus the Urchin Stories have a ton of different, fantastic artists.(Print) Gotham City Sirens Book Two  by Tony Bedard, Peter Calloway, Andres Guinaldo, Jeremy Haun, and Ramon F. Bachs: How did it take me so long to hop on this particular train? I had this book recommended to me a few years ago, but it was out of print. Now DC is re-releasing them and I’m very excited about it. I loved the first trade, and I’m hyped to read volume two. (Print) Space is the Place by John Allison: I’m six cases behind in Bad Machinery, I’m still in the first year of Scary-Go-Round, and I barely read volume one of Giant Days before the current arc started. I love John Allison’s work, but this is my first time being up-to-date on a John Allison comic. I feel weirdly victorious. (Digital) Katie Schenkel Saga Vol 1. by Brian K. Vaughan, Fiona Staples, Fonografiks: Yes, I am finally, finally getting around to reading this series. I bought the first volume through a Comixology sale ages ago but avoided starting it because I knew enough about it to know it would break my heart. Now I’m slowly getting through this trade and patiently waiting for it to break my heart. Oh yeah, and it’s great. (Digital) Jessica Plummer Everything Convergence by everyone at DC. I’ve never actually followed an event and all its tie-ins before, and, well, it’s an experience! The main series is mostly a confusing series of punch-outs between Z-listers and unfamiliar alternate versions of A- and B-listers, but some of the minis have been fun, and Jeff Parker, Doc Shaner, and Jordie Bellaire’s Convergence: Shazam! might be one of the best comics I’ve ever read period, event or no. (Mix of Print and Digital) Gina Nicoll Drawn Quarterly: Twenty-Five Years of Contemporary Cartooning, Comics, and Graphic Novels: I was super excited to pick this up (two hands required) at TCAF because Drawn Quarterly publishes some of my favorites (Kate Beaton, Jillian Tamaki, Rutu Modan, Julie Delporte, and on and on) and it’s massive at nearly 800 pages, so I know it’s going to keep me happily reading for months. Plus there is a perfect collision of awesome in it with an essay called “Kate Beaton: An Appreciation” by Margaret Atwood! (Print) The Fangirl’s Guide to the Galaxy: A Handbook for Girl Geeks by Sam Maggs: I’m kind of new to accepting my geekiness, so I need this book. (Print) Exquisite Corpse by Pénélope Bagieu: This is such a fun, charming read that I want to take a French for Comic Book Nerds class so I can read all of Bagieu’s other (sadly untranslated) comics. (Print) Dave Accampo Batman Eternal 1-52 by Scott Snyder, James Tynion IV, Tim Seeley, Ray Fawkes, Kyle Higgins, and a HUGE roster of artists: So I binged and read 52 weekly issues in about two weeks this month. I’m very wary of weekly book, particularly books that feel like some kind of stunt, but with Scott Snyder and James Tynion IV as the story architects, I’ll admit I was curious. And then I started hearing some good things, and then I started seeing that the art teams consisted of some wildly diverse styles, and I got even more intrigued. My verdict? This was FUN. It’s a HUGE mystery, probably the biggest I’ve ever seen attempted, and while it does, at times, wear itself thin with so many suspects and red herrings and fake-outs, the labyrinthine plot does what serialized comics do so well tons of cliffhangers and last page reveals ensconced in a sprawling, globe-trotting plot. One of the better curated weeklies I’ve read. (Digital) Aquaman 35-40 by Jeff Parker, Paul Pelletier, Sean Parson, and Rain Beredo: I like Jeff Parker’s sensibilities as a storyteller, but until this point, I had decided not to jump on his Aquaman book more because I haven’t been a huge fan of most of the New 52 books. But, as with Batman Eternal above, that’s starting to change, and I find myself testing new ahem waters. So I dove into Aquaman’s last story arc, “Maelstrom,” and while it took me about an issue to get oriented, I ended up really enjoying this arc. Paul Pelletier’s clean artwork works well to match the pulpy, adventurous tone of Parker story, which involves Arthur’s search for his mother, who he finds in a lost world doing her best Red Sonja impression. It’s a bit like throwing Indiana Jones, The Lost World, and Game of Thrones in a massive underwater blender. Fun stuff. (Digital) Caroline Pruett SuperMutant Magic Academy by Jillian Tamaki: Panelteer Kris’s enthusiastic review persuaded me to try this webcomic collection from Drawn Quarterly. Plus, Jillian Tamaki is always great. (Print) Shutter, Vol. 1: Wanderlost by Joe Keatinge, Leila Del Duca, Owen Gieni, and Ed Brisson: I picked up the first collection of this Image ongoing sight unseen based on glowing reviews from some friends. Something with a female explorer whose parents have disappeared, and lots of anthropomorphic animals? Obviously I haven’t gotten very far but the character designs and particularly the vivid coloring, which reminds me of the thrill of playing with oil pastels in middle art class, and looks like nothing else in comics promises a thrilling ride. (Print) Daredevil: Visionaries: Frank Miller: Volume 3 by Frank Miller and Klaus Janson and Elektra: Assassin by Frank Miller and Bill Sienkiewicz: Watching the Netflix Daredevil show reminded me that I’ve just scratched the surface of Miller’s classic work on the character. I’ve had both of these books lying around for a while, so I may as well dive in. (Print) Christine Hoxmeier Ms. Marvel #12-#15 by G. Willow Wilson, Elmo Bondoc, Takeshi Myazawa, and Ian Herring: While I have been going to my LCS to pick up my comics every week, I am months behind in all my reading. I am SO EXCITED to dig into my stack and catch up with Kamala. (Print) Southern Bastards Vol 1 by Jason Aaron and Jason Latour: This is one of the books Austin Comics Ladies are reading and discussing next month! It comes highly recommended by several of my comic loving ladies, and I love stories of small, southern towns and people, so this should be be right up my alley. (Digital) Intrepid Girlbot Vol 2 by Diana Nock: I just finished the print version of volume 1, and now I need to know what other adventures and mishaps Girlbot and her cyborg raccoon friend are getting into these days. Thankfully, this delightful, wordless sci-fi adventure is a webcomic, so I can catch up easily. (Digital) Ali Colluccio Nimona by Noelle Stevenson: I discovered Noelle Stevenson and Nimona in the early days of the webcomic. And while I was almost immediately in love with the endearingly exaggerated expressions and sharp, quick wit of the comic, I knew it was something I’d personally enjoy more once it was all finished. (Collected/Print) The Thrilling Adventures of Lovelace and Babbage by Sydney Padua: I’m a sucker for a well-produced book. And Pantheon’s hardcover collection of this delightful and historically inaccurate webcomic definitely falls into that category. The over-sized, heavy pages beautifully showcase Padua’s detailed art, enveloping you in the ink and soot-filled Victorian world she’s created. I promise I’m actually reading this book and not just staring at it lovingly. (Collected/Print) Questionable Content by Jeph Jacques: While I was at TCAF I realized that I am woefully unaware of some pretty great webcomic. I’m currently “binge watching” Questionable Content, which is a great slice-of-life/relationship-y strip that has an adorable mini-robot called Pintsize. Will definitely be checking this one out more often. (Webcomic) As for  Me: Empire by Mark Waid and Barry Kitson: Giving one of my favorite stories a reread since Empire: Uprising has launched at IDW. (Print) Convergence by Jeff King, Scott Lobdell, Jason Paz, Carlo Pagulayan, et. al.: I cannot afford all of the Convergence one-offs, but I’m reading the main story to find out what happens to the DCU. (print) Bitch Planet by Kelly Sue DeConnick and Valentine DeLandro: I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: I adore this series. It always jumps to the top of my reading pile when a new one comes out. (print) What are you reading this month? __________________________ Do you talk all things comics on Tumblr? Follow us over there for all our comics Tumbling. Sign up to The Stack to receive  Book Riot Comic's best posts, picked for you. Thank you for signing up! Keep an eye on your inbox.

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Essay on Pathophysiology Exam 1 - 5529 Words

NUR 300 Exam #1 1. Which of the following clients is at a high risk for developing dilated cardiomyopathy? a. A 4-year-old child born with cerebral palsy and confined to a wheelchair b. A 44-year-old noncompliant female who forgets to take her hypertensive medications c. A 17-year-old with a diving injury resulting in paraplegia d. A 78-year-old patient with Alzheimer disease who received a third-degree burn following an oven fire 2. A client is experiencing muscle atrophy following 2 weeks in traction after a motor vehicle accident. Which of the following factors has most likely contributed to the atrophy of the clients muscle cells? a. Reduced oxygen consumption and cellular function that ensures muscle cell survival b. A†¦show more content†¦Mast cells e. T lymphocytes 10. A 77-year-old male client with a diagnosis of stomach cancer has been found to have metastases in his liver. The client and his family are surprised at this turn of events, stating that they do not see how he could have developed cancer in his liver. Which of the following facts would underlie the reply that the care team provides? a. Hepatic stromal tissue shares characteristics with cancerous cells, including lack of anchorage dependence. b. The parenchymal tissue of the liver is particularly susceptible to secondary malignancies. c. The proximity of the liver to the stomach allows for direct spread of cancerous cells due to a lack of contact inhibition. d. The portal circulatory system brings venous blood from the GI tract into the liver. 11. A 41-year-old female with a family history of breast cancer has had a baseline mammogram. She states that she performs monthly self-breast exams but really has a hard time evaluating her lumps since she has numerous cysts. At her annual mammogram, the technician views a suspicious area and refers her to the radiologist. She asks the nurse in the office, How can a lump appear so quickly? The nurses response is based on which of the following principles? a. Cancer cells are undifferentiated and come in various shapes and sizes. b. If the breast has a lot of cysts, then the fluid within those sacs makes it difficult to feel the hard lumps of a cancer. c. Many tumor cells never leaveShow MoreRelatedPathophysiology Essay937 Words   |  4 Pages1. A 21 year-old college student notices that she frequently develops â€Å"cold sores† during stressful final exam week.    1. What is the association between stress and the immune system? The human body has a built in stress response system that usually self regulates. When a threat is perceived the body deploys white blood cells to the area of the body that is under attack (Segerstrom amp; Miller, 2006). Because of this, less important cellular activities are reduced and the immune systemRead MoreTimetable: Touring Car Racing and Life Science Team1676 Words   |  7 PagesKilloran 0141 849 4282 Year 2 Timetable Trimester 1 - Week 1 September 11 cohort Date | 9am-12.00pm | Lunch | 1.00pm-4.00pm | Mon CAPS17/09/12 | M004 amp; F309 9-10am Intro to module J.White amp; B KilloranM004 10am-11am Patient Assessment Workshop (1amp;2) J.WhiteE337 12- 1pm Patient Assessment workshop | | E337 2-4pm PatientRead MoreThe Issues Associates with Acute Renal Failure1025 Words   |  4 PagesAccording to WebMD (2011), â€Å"the pathophysiology of pre-renal acute renal failure is a sudden reduction in blood flow to the kidney causes a loss of kidney function. In pre-renal acute renal failure, there is nothing wrong with the kidney itself.† The pathophysiology of intra-renal acute renal failure is when there is damage directly done to the kidneys from either inflammation, infection, drugs, toxins, or a reduced blood supply to the kidneys. The pathophysiology of post-renal acute renal failureRead MoreCase Study on a Patient with Appendicitis1328 Words   |  6 Pagesthings. Occupation: He works at the Nasinu Town Council as a Carpenter Family History: -his father is a known diabetic patient and his grandmother died of leukemia -his paternal uncle had died from septicemia. Social History: Cigarettes 1 pack per week x 12years now; he stopped smoking in 2000 and continued again recently. He drinks alcohol occasionally when a function occurs at home. Social drinker. He has been married for 18years; he has 4 children who are healthy. He is currently aRead MoreCase Study 3 Congestive Heart Failure Essay689 Words   |  3 Pagesï » ¿Case Study 3 – Congestive Heart Failure Patient Case Question 1. Based on the limited amount of information given above, do you suspect that this patient has developed left-sided CHF, right-sided CHF, or total CHF? right-sided CHF Patient Case Question 2. How did you arrive at your answer to Question 1? right-sided CHF = fluid may back up into your abdomen, legs and feet, causing swelling. Patient Case Question 3. What is a likely cause for this patient’s heart failure? IncreasingRead MoreSyphilis : A Thin Spiral Organism Of The Treponema Species1490 Words   |  6 PagesSyphilis Fact Sheet Karyanne Castle 1. Etiology/Pathophysiology/Incidence/Prevalence: †¢ Etiology: Syphilis is an infectious disease caused by T. Pallidum, a thin spiral organism of the Treponema species of spirochaetales. Syphilis is almost always caused by sexual contact with infected lesions, but can rarely be spread through nonsexual personal contact, infection in-utero, blood transfusion, or organ transplantation. †¢ Incidence/Prevalence: The invention of penicillin has drastically decreased theRead MoreTypes And Types Of Pneumothorax1381 Words   |  6 Pagesprimary spontaneous pneumothorax, secondary traumatic pneumothorax, iatrogenic pneumothorax, and open or tension pneumothorax. Along with the discussion of the pathophysiology, the topics such as diagnostic tests and primary diagnosis, pharmacological interventions, vulnerable groups, and the nursing diagnosis are also examined. Pathophysiology Primary spontaneous pneumothorax, occurs unexpectedly in healthy people, and it is often caused by the rupture of blebs which are blister-like formations, onRead MoreFailure Of Congestive Heart Failure1262 Words   |  6 Pagesfirst understand the risks and causes of this condition. Education plays a key role in order to recognize the clinical manifestations and necessary actions to best treat and prevent congestive heart failure before the patient’s prognosis is poor. Pathophysiology Congestive heart failure occurs when a part of the heart is unable to efficiently keep up a sufficient cardiac output to supply blood to the lungs or the entire body. The heart either becomes too weak or too stiff. Many times, heart failureRead MoreDifferences For General Anxiety Disorders1768 Words   |  8 Pageslimited to ephedrine and pseudoephedrine, caffeine, nicotine; Illicit drug effects including but not limited to alcohol, amphetamines, marijuana, cocaine. (Dunphy, p. 988; table 17.2). 1 points Q U E S T I O N 5 1. Mr. R.L., a 44 year-old Caucasian male presents to your office for a health maintenance physical exam. His past medical history is significant only for a 6 month history of daily, pervasive sadness, feelings of fatigue, worthlessness, anhedonia, decreased libido, and decreased concentrationRead MoreThe General Internal Medicine Ward940 Words   |  4 Pagesdifferent services to identify diagnosis and management plan. Throughout my medical career, I have strived to succeed with the best of my abilities. I completed all of my courses with above average scores. I have successfully passed my Step 1, 2 CS and CK, and MCCEE exams on first attempt. I have used my knowledge to help fellow colleagues by offering mentorship in to MD3 Neuroscience students while I was in MD4. As a clerk during internal medicine core rotation I had the opportunity to work in both hospital

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Cigarette Prices And Developing A Culture Of No Smoking By...

Purpose: The purpose of this investigation is to examine the suggestion of cigarette prices and developing a culture of no smoking by rising taxes on cigarettes. Methods: Data on smoking has been selected from the secondary sources. Status of smokers in West Virginia can be observed by the available facts and figures in different newspapers, 99 Results: The odds ratio for being a smoker was 1.21 where no-smoking by-laws were relatively infrequent and 1.26 when cigarettes are relatively low-cost, after changing for separate age, gender, schooling, and matrimonial status. Conclusion: Both cigarette prices can keep away smokers from smoking as it can be an operative tool in regulating smoking. Introduction: In 2014, Virginia s mature smoking rate in fact uplift somewhat and at 19.5 out of a hundred was complex than the state average (18.1%), standing the city at 31st. The proportion of individuals smoking in Virginia in 2014 was lesser than in another state Tennessee which had 24.2%, but advanced than in North Carolina 9.1% or Maryland had 14.6%. Utah was the foremost state with a smoking ratio of fair 9.7 percent. The Virginia Establishment for Strong Youth freshly reported that the fraction of high institute scholars in Virginia who are consistent smokers has dropped by more than 59 percent since 2001 -- from 28.7 percent to 12.1 out of a hundred in 2013. Though, 2014 statistics from the CDC s Social Danger Issue Investigation System (BRFSS) specifies that smokingShow MoreRelatedSocial And Ethical Standards For The Tobacco Companies3005 Words   |  13 Pagesa high expectation to adhere to set out by the stakeholders; customers or consumers, employees, managers, directors, and shar eholders etc, to go beyond just the traditional ways of only making products to profit. In the stakeholders’ eyes, paying taxes and job creation are the sole contribution to the society. They express their concerns to address social and ethical standards for the tobacco companies. Philanthropy social responsibility is very much needed to protect the society and its environmentRead MoreExternal Environment Of The Brewing Industry1774 Words   |  8 Pagesthe younger beer drinking population. Secondly, the fact that many governments around Europe have passed laws banning smoking in public bars, restaurants etc. may affect sales as many people would have formerly gone into bars and pubs to have a beer and a cigarette. Instead, now they may stay at home and drink, buying their beer from large supermarket chains who often use cut-price offers on beer to lure people into their supermarkets (Johnson et al., 2012). In addition to this, new laws such as theRead MoreConsumer Lifestyle in Singapore35714 Words   |  143 Pages............................................................................................... 17 Dining Out ............................................................................................................................... 18 Cafà © Culture ........................................................................................................................... 19 Snacking Habits .............................................................. .........................................Read MoreThe Unethical And Unconstitutional Soda Tax And Ban3892 Words   |  16 Pagesaccumulation of body fat that is usually 20% or more over an individual’s ideal body weight for their specific height, age and gender (Free Medical Dictionary 2007). Body weight and obesity risk are a result of genes, metabolism, behavior, environment, culture and socioeconomic status, wherein behavior and environment play two of the largest roles (University of Drexel 2015). People make decisions based on their environment or community which influence their health decisions and due to this it is essentialRead MoreCase Studies67624 Words   |  271 PagesInstructors adopt different approaches in their application of the case analysis method. Some require active learners/students to use a specific analytical procedure to examine an organisation; others provide less structure, expecting students to learn by developing their own unique analytical meth od. Still other instructors believe that a moderately structured framework should be used to analyse a firm’s situation and make appropriate recommendations. Your lecturer or tutor will determine the specific approachRead MoreUAE Consumer Lifestyle Analysis42818 Words   |  172 PagesSchool Life 35 University Life 36 Adult Learning 37 Table 40 School Students: 2005-2009 37 Table 41 Higher Education Students: 2005-2009 38 Eating (including Soft Drinks) 38 Shopping for Food and Drinks 38 Dining in 40 Dining Out 40 Cafà © Culture 40 Table 42 Consumer Expenditure on Food (Current Value): 2005-2009 41 Table 43 Consumer Expenditure on Food (Constant 2009 Value): 2005-2009 41 Table 44 Consumer Expenditure on Food (Constant 2009 Value): 2010-2020 41 Table 45 Consumer ExpenditureRead MoreComment on How Changes in Macro and Market Environment Forces Impact on the Level of Competition in an Industry.18606 Words   |  75 Pagesand 19 and 20 respectively. 3.1 A Political and Legal Forces olitical and legal forces can inï ¬â€šuence marketing decisions by setting the rules by which business can be conducted. For example, smoking bans in public places can have dramatic short- and long-term eï ¬â‚¬ects on the demand for cigarettes. Because of politicians’ power to aï ¬â‚¬ect business activities, companies try to cultivate close relationships with them, both to monitor political moods and also to inï ¬â€šuence them. Sometimes, sizable contributionsRead MoreTrader Joes in Denmark6642 Words   |  27 Pagesorganic, sustainable, grocery market in Denmark. The following document supports the efforts of Trader Joe’s to enter in the Copenhagen, Denmark, by detailing the situational analysis, performing a SWOT analysis, developed marketing strategies, and developing supply chain strategies. Businesses need to continually expand in order to have sustained success in this ever-changing global market place. Moreover, current and prospective customers from the developed world are looking for the added value ofRead MorePorter Five Force Analysis of Indian Food Processing Industry9734 Words   |  39 Pagesprocessing industry Introduction of Food Processing Industry The History of Food Processing Industry The origin of food processing goes all the way back to ancient Egypt, yet the period of those developments seems to symbolize the history of the culture of mankind. Nowadays, bread, which is characterized by its use of the fermentation action of yeast and which uses wheat flour as its raw material, is baked all over the world. The origins of beer also go back to Babylon and Egypt in the period fromRead MoreThe Social Impact of Drug Abuse24406 Words   |  98 Pagesabuse and its consequences for families, health, education, crime and employment. Part three covers the interaction between drug abuse and development, including efforts by the international community to facilitate economic and social progress in developing countries. Development is addressed in the broad sense of the word, i.e. it comprehends not simply economic development but also sound environmental practices, social conditions and the meeting of basic needs. Part three describes some of the negative

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The Growth Of American Business Essay - 2120 Words

The growth of American business from the late 19th century to the present has led to unprecedented wealth and prosperity in the United States. Referred to by some as a â€Å"virtuous cycle,† industrial growth in America not only led to greater output and consumer choice, but also increased the average American’s standard of living. Progress and innovation as well as job creation and an increase in leisure time are only a few more examples of the way business and industrial growth has positively impacted America. However, a consistent number of Americans have looked beyond these immediately positive developments in order to investigate the subtler threat big business poses to the American way of life. Popular literature and movies have viewed American business and Wall Street through a critical lens and examined this underlying threat. Films like The Apartment (1960), Wall Street (1987), and Enron: The Smartest Guys in the Room (2005) with narrative arcs centered on the corporation and its role in society may be, in this way, indicators of a cultural ethos regarding big business in America. Similarly, the writings of popular philosophers, political thinkers, and public figures play a significant role in the formation of mainstream opinion and pop culture. â€Å"Other People’s Money,† written by Louis Brandeis in 1914, is one example of the type of business-related rhetoric that may have echoed or even influenced the way American society regarded business during the Progressive Era.Show MoreRelatedAfrican Americans And Their Economical Progression And Lack Thereof1043 Words   |  5 Pagesparticular assignment, I have chosen to focus on African Americans and their economical progression and lack thereof. African Americans or â€Å"Blacks† have migrated down to the south to create better lives for themselves. In today’s society, there are many African Americans that have the desire to own their own businesses. However, th ere are also many African Americans who do own their own businesses. In my opinion, it is very important for African Americans to own their own businesses. It is also vital thatRead MoreThe Benefits of Offshore Outsourcing Essay974 Words   |  4 PagesActually, offshore outsourcing can promote economic growth in some ways. First off, what exactly is offshore outsourcing? Simply put, offshore outsourcing is a business tactic where a company sends a part of their service to another country to be run by a different company. Offshore outsourcing has been seen as a negative business tactic. However, it affects the economy in some positive ways, such as it fuels business competition, it helps business growth, and it opens up new and different types of jobsRead MoreGovernment Business Relations1518 Words   |  6 PagesGovernment business relations American businesses wield much political powers. This has been there for quite some time. Prior to the Civil War, some Americans worried less about the power of businesses. This was partly due to the fact that firms at this time were relatively small. This restricted the powers of the proprietors to local political arenas. When multinational corporations emerged in the late 19th Century the role played by businesses in the political scenes completely changed. TensionsRead More Business Culture: China vs. the United States Essay670 Words   |  3 PagesBusiness Culture: China vs. the United States   Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Cultures are varying among different parts of the globe. People with different cultures have different characteristics and viewpoints on the subjects due to diverse understanding and method of learning. During the past few decades, the international trade grows in a very rapid rate due to the advantages that it provides; â€Å"increased sales, operational efficiencies, exposure to new technologies and broader consumer choices† (Heslin). ThereforeRead MoreDoing Business At Mexico : A Largest And Most Open Economies1108 Words   |  5 PagesDoing Business in Mexico Mexico is one of the largest and most open economies in the world. It has only a handful of strategic sectors or industries not yet open to private investment. Mexico is forecasting an economic growth rate between 2% and 3% over the next fiscal year so it is important to understand the different aspects of what is involved with doing business in Mexico. Basic geographical information, cultural diversity, and proper business etiquette will all play a large role in businessRead MoreTax Reform : Stimulate Economic Growth1326 Words   |  6 Pagesto stimulate economic growth in America There is an ominous shadow hanging over America consuming its wealth, and dividing its people over the promise of fair and equal treatment. American debt has no rival in the modern world, and it continues to spiral out of control as politicians’ debate solutions that would bring it under control. To manage this debt citizens are burdened with a federal income tax system that is inefficient, discriminatory and cumbersome to the American people. Since the federalRead MoreCase Study : Growing A Company By International Acquisition810 Words   |  4 Pagesmajor ways in which a company can grow. Give examples to illustrate the two ways of growing. When a company is starting or expanding internationally it can develop by inorganic growth or organic growth. An inorganic growth refers to the growth of the company by merging with other companies or by the takeover. This type of growth provides with an existing customer base, channels of distribution, and access to new markets. When companies merge, they share resources and knowledge. On the other hand, whenRead MoreINTRODUCTION As companies and governments look to projections of the future, they would do well to1000 Words   |  4 Pagescompanies abroad. While some Americans prefer to keep business ventures in the states for domestic employment level reasons, companies should look to international enterprises to remain profitable. Domestic economic growth is slowing, Western companies are beginning to see competition, and rapid communications are allowing customers everywhere to purchase products made anywhere around the globe. I In the past, Western economies have been the motor of rapid growth, ahead of emerging markets suchRead MorePorter s Five Forces Model1539 Words   |  7 PagesPorter s Five Forces Model Introduction The cosmetic industry is influenced by a wide range of factors that affect market growth and profits for businesses. The cosmetic industry has continued to record a substantial strong growth over the years and developed as one of the industries holding the highest potential for further development and growth. The market characteristics can reduce or increase the chances of success for new market entrants (Porter, 2008). Using Porter’s five forces model, businessesRead MoreEssay on wealth inequality in america1518 Words   |  7 Pagesï » ¿Trevyn Maruyama Suzuki 6 Closing the Income Gap In today’s capitalist economy, where economic transactions and business in general is centered on self-interest, there is a natural tendency for some people to make more than others. That is the basis for the â€Å"American Dream,† where people, if they worked hard, could make money proportional to their effort. However, what happens when this natural occurrence grows disproportional in its allocation of wealth within a society? The resulting issue becomes

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Organisational Strategy and Leadership Environment

Question: Discuss about the Organisational Strategy and Leadership Environment. Answer: Introduction The aim of this report is to assess the external environmental factors affecting the manufacturing industry in Australia. The profitability of Australian industry has been changing over time (Valadkhani and Smyth 2016). The 509 industry classes have been aggregated as 19 industry divisions ( 2015). The report firstly discusses the profitability of industry and the factors driving the profitability structure. It is observed that administration and support services are the most profitable industry in Australia. All the industries are of equal industry and there is no such thing as a bad industry ( 2015). There are some industries that experience rapid growth while the others are experiencing slow growth. Further, the factor changes in the future and the effect of such changes in the industry profitability are also discussed. The PESTLE framework is adopted to study the external factors in detail. Overview of Manufacturing Industry The importance of manufacturing industry in Australia has been declining as the output and contribution has decreased to less than half in the recent decades. The GDP share of the manufacturing industry in 2013-14 was 6.5% ( 2016). Further, the decline in manufacturing industry has been constantly falling with no signs of abating. The manufacturing industry is a major contributor towards employment as over a million people are employed. Manufacturing also contributes to technological innovation. The value generated by the Australian manufacturing industry is $96.8 billion annually that represents 8.7% of the overall GDP ( 2016). The manufacturing industry is linked to other industries such as agriculture, mining, and services. The manufacturing industry has an indirect multiplier effect as the chain of activities resulting from it affects operations, logistics and distribution. The hottest destination of manufacturing activity is conducted in New South Wales and Victoria in comparison with Queensland, Western Australia, South Australia and Northern Territory ( 2016). According to Pickering (2014), manufacturing industry needs to shift from heavy industrial towards technologically advanced production. The Australian manufacturing industry has lost 200,000 jobs as the economy has transitioned from manufacturing to services (Pickering 2014). Even though manufacturing industry has been declining, it continues to be a source of economic prosperity in Australia. The manufacturing industry requires both concerted action and market-based competition from industry leaders, governments, and health sectors. However, there is a strong need for changing and addressing the real economic forces to protect the manufacturing industry (Smith 2014). Profitability of the Manufacturing Industry The profitability of the manufacturing industry has been low since 2001-02 in comparison with other businesses ( 2016). The other businesses have increased an increase in gross operating profit margin from 10.9 to 12.7 percent between 2001- 2014 ( 2016). However, for the same period there has been a decline in manufacturing business from 9.5 to 7.8 percent ( 2016). Therefore, there has been a gap created in profitability of manufacturing and other businesses. The performance of manufacturing index as obtained through survey of firms indicates a contracting or declining activity as the value was less than 50 in the last 10 years ( 2016). The manufacturing industry has contracted continually over the last four years, though the rate of contraction slowed somewhat in 201314 ( 2016). Factors Driving Profit Structure The Australian manufacturing industry is suffering from a long-standing malaise. The current situation of the industry brings the following factors into focus- The high Australian dollar value makes it difficult for the Australian manufacturers or producers to compete in the global market. Therefore, the imports are cheaper than making exports. However, with the recent decline in the dollar amount, the productivity damage has already been done. The overvaluation of Australian dollar has made it harder for trade exposed activities to minimize the gap through mining. This has also resulted in a loss of jobs thereby intensifying import competition (Green 2015). All economies experience a change in technology and consumer demand. Therefore, the share of profit and output has declined in the manufacturing industry. There has been deterioration in the Australias productivity levels since 1990s (Green 2015). This deterioration not only affects the current and future issues, but also adds to the competitiveness levels. As Australia is a high cost economy, there is a need for a shift to mass protection that would be more flexible in the value chains and global markets. The term is also known as smart specialisation (Green 2015). The long-term decline in the Australia manufacturing industry is because of the long-standing policy indifference. This is leading to hostility from several economic agencies such as the reserve Bank, the Treasury and the Productivity Commission. Further, Australia is also committed to a neoliberal ideology of producing only the things that have innate or natural advantage over other nations. The Australian government provided manufacturing assistance worth $6.9 billion in 2004-05 (Green 2015). The industry policy is moving towards a more market-driven assistance. Therefore, the Australian government abandoned systematic industry policy leading to cat and mouse games between MNCs and Federal governments. The waste generated from manufacturing activities is increasingly giving rise to pollutants. Recycling is one the core activities carried in the manufacturing sector. The laws and regulations are restricting the manufacturing industries to limit production due to high amount of waste generation ( 2016). Since the 1940s, the manufacturing industry has been a major employer. The slowing of growth due to rise in oil prices has also changed the sectors of Australian economy. At the same time new social reforms, wage rises, and a devaluation of the dollar saw a great increase in the rate of inflation. These changes affected all sectors of the Australian economy, particularly manufacturing, which had to face increasing competition from the newly industrialised countries of Asia ( 2016). During the period 1985-86 to 1995-96 overall employment in manufacturing industries continued to decline ( 2016). The number of workers employed decreased by 1.5% ( 2016). Factor Changes in Future and its Effect on Profitability As analysed, Australian manufacturing industry share has been declining that raises a major concern if it has a future. In a rapidly changing world, several attempts are made to make the present better and making the future transformative and agile (Strezov, Evans and Evans 2013). The PESTLE analysis framework is used to analyse the macro-environment and its effects in the future of Australia manufacturing industry. Political factors are the ones that determine the influence of government on a certain industry or economy. It involves tax policies, trade tariffs and various other forces that governs the business environment. Australia has a sector-neutral industry policy. There are no manufacturing portfolio except for Victoria that has a specific minister for manufacturing. Therefore, the government plays a crucial role in enhancing the manufacturing industry in Australia as the GDP needs to be balanced. Australia must remove tariff barriers that are acting as a hindrance in the export of production (Mazzarol 2014). The Commonwealth Government must play a crucial role in managing the overall economy, keeping inflation and unemployment low. Budget decisions can also lessen the economic aspects in the manufacturing industry of Australia. The government must make sustainable fiscal policies so that the investment in the manufacturing industry can be increased ( 2016). The economic forces determine the economys performance such as economic growth patterns, inflation rate, currency trends and others that have long-term impacts. The greatest fear among the Aussie manufacturers is the rising Aussie dollar. It has been rising continuously and the sector shall continue to be at a risk if it continues to surge. The trade exposed manufacturers shall find a low Australian dollar beneficial. There is an expected global decline in the manufacturing sector in the coming years. The middle class markets are emerging that are leading to rising economic power of women. Further, the labour substituting technologies such as additive manufacturing are lowering the demand growth (Murphy 2016). It is expected that the minimum wages in the manufacturing sector shall rise up to $760 by 2020 that makes the sector less vulnerable ( 2016). The social factors scrutinize the determinants such as population, cultural trends and lifestyle of the people. These are inculcated in the industries to address the socio-cultural forces. The consumers are shifting towards corporate social responsibility. The people are shifting towards clean, lean and green sustainability. The key skills possessed by Australians such as innovation, skills and knowledge are increasing the productivity and prosperity. The Australian manufacturing industry is partnering in global supply chains to meet the increasing demand of middle class for high value-added products. The manufacturing industry has begun to address individual customer needs and mass customization. This is changing the scenario of the manufacturing industry and leading towards a better future of the industry. The manufacturing sector is also providing training opportunities to the people such as apprenticeships that would further lead to innovation (Shahiduzzaman and Alam 2014). The technological forces affects the industry as it mainly involves innovation i technology, automation of processes and research and development. With the advancement in technologies, a stronger innovation culture is being developed. The increase in communication, digital computing and information technology is changing the manufacturing industry scenario. The manufacturing industry is taking technological challenges to raw materials and supply chains. Sustainable manufacturing is providing new technologies and methods to manufacture lightweight structure and less waste. The Australian manufacturers are seeking to sell solutions rather than tangible products. With innovative thinking, investment in un-tried technologies is being made which expands the scope of enhancement of the manufacturing industry. These technologies are necessitating a shift of the industries towards biotechnology and nanotechnology that shall benefit the manufacturing sector for good (Torugsa, ODonohue and Hec ker 2011). Certain laws affect a countrys industrial patterns such as safety standards, consumer laws, industrial laws and others that influence the pattern. Several laws govern the manufacturing industry scenario in Australia. The Environment Protection (Site Contamination) Amendment Act 2007 protects the manufacturers from site contamination ( 2016). Other dangerous substances are also prohibited from exposure under Dangerous Substances Act 1979 that includes activities such as handling, conveyance, quality and disposal of hazardous substances ( 2016). The environmental factors are not limited to climate change, geographical location or environmental offsets and influence the entire surrounding environment. Manufacturing accounts for a substantial use of Australias energy use and greenhouse gas emissions. The manufacturing industry is moving towards a cleaner energy future and low carbon scheme that is challenging the energy-intensive sector. However, a wide range of incentives for adopting such practices are provided to the manufacturers that shall help in creating a low carbon economy. Further, as the natural resources are being consumed increasingly, the manufacturers are attempting to achieve resource efficiency that should solve the issue of resource scarcity. Industrial ecology shall help in creating zero waste manufacturing processes that would form an important part of the environmental system. Conclusion Conclusively, the manufacturing industry is not doing very well currently. However, the upcoming changes shall change the future scenario of manufacturing industry. It is observed that administration and support services are the most profitable industry in Australia. The manufacturing industry has an indirect multiplier effect as the chain of activities resulting from it affects operations, logistics and distribution. Even though manufacturing industry has been declining, it continues to be a source of economic prosperity in Australia. The high Australian dollar value makes it difficult for the Australian manufacturers or producers to compete in the global market. Australia is a high cost economy, there is a need for a shift to mass protection that would be more flexible in the value chains and global markets. The industry policy is moving towards a more market-driven assistance. References, 2016.4102.0 - Australian Social Trends, 1997. 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